Genesis 3: 1-7

And what choice does she have, this last and greatest object/system Eve? She has of course no choice. Her creation is necessity. Without Adam, the object/system, there can be no known universe. There can be a universe perhaps but one unknown, an unconscious place where the Creator alone, along with the primals to whatever extent they have sentience, observes, takes note, appreciates and declares its goodness. Adam must exist as an audience of appreciation and wonder and worship. So much of the text implies God’s demand for obsequiousness/worship/love. The need is within God’s system. Adam the object/system will fulfill that need, the audience of one not-primal. And to this Adam system is given the power over words, the all-power, power over that which creates conscious reality, without which all wonderful somethings would remain undefined, undifferentiated, unworshipped, unloved. Adam gives names as God gave names. But Adam does not have power to judge and lacks power to create as well. Who will hear Adam’s names? Who can if Adam is alone and communication with the deity is top-down and not bottom up. Only praise should rise. Judgment comes from on high. And those words Adam is giving to things, what of them? What audience has he? And without audience isn’t purpose pointless/empty? So an audience is needed to complete the language system. A receptor for Adam’s emissions, sexually but more importantly, so much more importantly to the God purpose, linguistically. Eve, born asexually, a product of alchemy or physics, rises to be the help meet.

As a “help” she will help/benefit/save/ aid/ascend/assist/bless/comfort/dominate/gratify/ improve/ influence/ master/ protect/ recognize/ profit/ sanction/ support/ start/ admonish/ advise/ aid/ caution/ counsel/ direct/ dissuade/ consult/ encourage/exhort/forewarn/guide/inform/ instruct/judge/ persuade/ teach/ accent/ ornament/ accompany/ extend Adam. As help she will be his help/authority/ boon/ choice/ convenience/edge/eminence/ expediency/ interest/ lead/ asset/leverage/ luck/ power/pre-eminence/ preference/prestige/ resource/ wealth/ charge/ news/ opinion/ prescription/ recommendation/ addition/adjunct/adornment/ appendage/ appendix/appliance/ appurtenance/attachment /component/decoration/extra/frill/ supplement/trimming. She will save him from emptiness of purpose and adorn him with a beauty he will yearn for (remember here that Eve is an object/system so in this her gender is not relevant, only her function, so she can be male or she can be a son or daughter or mother or uncle as long as the function is apt).

As a “meet” she will be not merely a mate but an assembly conjoined or united but not the same as in a mirror image but more linguistically because she will be the object by which Adam can be defined, the not-Adam closest to him, of him, literally bone of his bone but unlike in function/system/purpose. As the Creator imposed will upon a void and darkness, Adam imposes names and so functions vis a vis humanity. An Eve object/system is necessary for Adam’s names/functions to act upon or work within. Just as in the riddle of the tree falling in the forest and whether the making of a sound is possible, Adam is a force imposing himself in a vacuum if there is no Eve to recognize the Adam code. In short, it is not a question of the tree making a noise in absence of a human’s hearing, it is simply that the tree does not exist, cannot exist without recognition. A tree falling becomes one with the void of crickets chirring and wind singing and water babbling; all not existing without audience.

To reference the tree conundrum a last time, if the tree falls and its noise is not understood, then it is still undifferentiated from the crickets and rain. A system of differentiation must exist within the mind of the audience (again the plural consciousness curiosity appears). This system of differentiation is language at its most basic function. A thought is not developed without differentiation, be it image or word object within the mind of the thinker (bio-feedback aside for now as we do not want to wander into the language—probably chemical/electrical/ gravitational—the body uses to communicate with itself; be it satisfactory for now to recognize and differentiate the bio-language as not conscious thought language but just as valid a communication in that any misinterpretation of data communicated might well be lethal to the organism). The audience requires an understanding of a linguistic system, unstable as it is doomed to be in the multi-valence of objectivity within infinite systems. Eve requires understanding/knowledge to perform her function. Knowledge, as Bloom points out, is the basis upon which learning progresses and without which it does not. There is no question of Eve choosing to be beguiled by the snake’s self-serving, thinly-veiled argument. Surely Eve without a system of understanding is incapable of defending herself against even the simplest of syllogistic logic or argument. She can be persuaded of anything. Adam as well, but his need is not understanding since he has been given the function of imposing language. He will always be meaningful to himself just as a mad person functions within his own language—in fact, it is because his language functions only for him that he is deemed insane. In this way, Eve will save Adam from the madness of a language lacking social relationships, again always admitting the fragility and instability of these intercourses.

So Eve does not need the snake to revolt against a prohibition of partaking of the tree. She was created to revolt against this sanction just as the void or the undifferentiated water (we do not fully understand the primals’ specific functions) will absorb created light just as the singularities at the center of all galaxies absorb all light, gases solids. She must understand language, Adam’s words, to function as his “help meet.” So she must revolt, absorb understanding, take in the light, and like the black holes which define galaxies become impregnated with the energies of the linguistic universe, grow to full term, then explode outward, imposing new energies on the universe, releasing the pent-up energy quasar-like to become the Adam function, the Creator system. She cannot be fecund without the absolute power to release life forms, thus in her way overtaking Adam’s given strength over words. The Eve object absorbs Adam’s names and makes something new of them, leaving him behind as it were, a resource she feeds upon but ultimately dominates.

Eve becomes master just as an audience takes power over text and an author diminishes in importance. The text/word put forth, the Creator/namer loses control of interpretation. That power is Eve’s. But hierarchy is irrelevant in a clearly understood system. The brain may seem master over the body, but as the old crude joke posits, when the anus shuts down the shit backs up and the brain is at its mercy. You, therefore, do not have to be a brain to be a boss, only an asshole. The nugget of insight which triggers this joke is that within a system all parts must function equally and none has hierarchy. The CEO should recognize with reverence the maintenance crew or the night shift of haggard, underpaid cleaning crew. The system does not recognize ego/position/salary. While Eve takes control over creation and language, she gives back the energy and the system communicates, grows, functions.

So as Eve is the quasar releasing pent up energy, the garden by the laws of multiplication would fill up and overrun its walls. Eve functions here again as rebel, but only in name, over which she holds sway. She accepts her revolutionary position. She is the catalyst of change and leads the necessary expulsion from the garden. There is no humanity without her indiscretion.

God creates Adam from whom Eve is created who creates the possibility of an ongoing system allowing the God of our consciousness to create Adam from whom… Infinity is the snake eating itself, rather an infinity of the snake’s head eating an infinity of its tails Gordian-knot like. The black hole absorbs the galaxy in the death of the star until, full-term, its quasar releases energy into the universe, big-bang-like, to create a galaxy at the center of which is a black hole absorbing the universe. We struggle to envision the singularity in which we exist, living as we do at the core of a black hole, seeing only the incoming light from our perspective and only predicting through theoretical physics and the language of mathematics an event horizon enclosing us until growth multiplies as it is must to release us from this Eden into the next, micro objects in a system which the system must sustain to maintain itself on a macro level and within the requirements of differentiation by which existence is defined.