Genesis 2:25

The narrative has already established innumerable patterns which will be both repeated and altered. The Author has completed the script though Genesis, the first book of the longer work, is hardly even begun. From this point forward the divine creative act is completed because the creation of systems and the relegation of power (always a chimera in any system because the system will out over singular decree or morph to recover systemic stasis/success) dictate linearly and within the infinite circuitry. The Reader is in the seat of control over the text from the creation/expulsion of Eve and her mate forward. The Reader interprets an occult narrative. Time, language, consciousness, intent, history, personality, purpose culture and a wealth of other variables destabilize any truth (Truth) including those declared as being the divine Truths (because language, translation, intent pollute the purity of the divine message and audience/reader collapses/expands meaning beyond any original clarity/meaning/intent). The Holy Text is unreliable even to the literalist. There exists not one being capable of answering all questions the text generates, only interpretations upon which the fearful, lonely audience hungrily settles. Faith is a tool of the sane to function alone within any one society (or the global) just as law, science, philosophy and the arts are tools for exploration/explanation of the human condition.

The Creator having transferred limited power establishes the transfer of power in law and government. Adam is the God metaphor. Caine is then the Adam metaphor. The power of the biblical text is both immutable and under unending appeal. Eve can be seen as the metaphor for the primal water, essential to continuing life, reactionary, and without enemies. Opposing the mother symbol is suicide/death/non-existence/the inert. As Oshun, the Yoruba goddess of water, the other wife of Shango, the god of all masculinity, has no haters because she rules over the primal water (the only thing existing in Yoruba mythology pre-creation as opposed to the various primals identified in the biblical text) which cannot be opposed without annihilation, Eve and her successors will flow through the violence and judgment of  the ages, assaulted, yes, but protected simultaneously. Desire and its perversions do not represent hate of the female, though they will be as cruel as any hate. Dismissal of the female as voice is generally universal. After all, Adam is given power over naming and words. Yet, she uses other languages, expressions including physical and psychological, positional and emotional, facial and, yes, the claiming of ownership of male language for her own purposes. Eve will repeat the system of revolt and condemnation knowing she is as irreplaceable as water and thus resolutely invincible in an unstable reality.