Genesis 1:26- “and let them have dominion… upon the earth

Herein the protocol of the Creator is repeated. Someone/thing has to be in charge. This would speak to a tyrannical system of the universe; a gloss over of the Genesis creation story may support this theory. As for God as tyrant, it is as Bob Dylan is reported to have said: The best government is a monarchy with a good king. I will add the option of a good queen. It is the goodness that is important, not the gender. If humanity followed the rules of a benevolent ruler, all would be presumed to be okay. But we face the instability of language in this simple government; that is, what makes a monarch good? How does a monarch decide in the best interest of all, every single citizen? Even God seems to have passed on this quandary by giving dominion over to light (as energy preeminent for all life), the primal water (essential to be carried with life or surround it), time (ruling over human perception), and place (which defines/regulates on both a macro and micro level). Many more rulers exist, each with its own system and set of objects, many overlapping, clashing, denying whatever was to be seen of that good Mr. Zimmerman alluded to.

Still, the dominion concept also creates the illusion of time. An order is given then received and acted upon sequentially. It does not happen otherwise without disrupting time completely. So then the system of command reflects the discourse sequence, making language also guilty of supporting the illusion of a chronology of time. Question then answer is the rule of logic. Command and act. However, on the micro level, let us say, where letters create words, there is no time requirement, only a process logic seeking to evoke a signifier for some signified. Time does not rule the grammar of a sentence or syntax either. This, too, follows on the purpose of the speaker and the conception of the speaker’s audience. Yet, once the sentence is posited, the audience will expect an adherence to time/sequence/consequence/ this therefore that or because of that. In the beginning demands sequence fulfilled by the  counting of days. What follows follows along a timeline system repeated throughout the narrative with birth, death and generations. Where language defies time is where faith excludes evidence. Birth, death and afterlife as a sequence seems to speak to the turning inward that excludes linear timing.

This faith leap seems justified in the physics of the universe turning in circles, the serpent eating its tail. This elemental process denies synchronicity and supports an asynchronous reality, circular, spherical/ all directions at once/ all things to all things. Here might be the true Godhead, beyond our ken in a timelessness/process simultaneous, beginning end and middle same and so blurred as to be inconceivable except to the divine mind. If all entropy seeks a dissolution into elemental states while those elements continuously recombine, then the rule of physics reflects the afterlife. The afterlife as system requires only objects to be plugged in for discussion of science or religion or philosophy.

In this way, the systems set in place move along as if horizontally while the objects applied to the system stack up vertically if you will. But given that all things are truly defined by what they are not, this defining system of exclusion forces the horizontal to bend and expand, systems warping in all directions, while the vertical objects do the same. What we are is only all that we are not and that requires an infinity of possibilities to exclude in order to exist. We are the finite as defined by the infinite of what we are not. This is such a divine essence: a thing that by rule is not all those other things.

And so, in passing dominion to humanity over all the living things of earth, God produces a system of illusive chronology built upon a rule of the infinity of being. This system also incorporates the apparent contradiction of memory. Humans do not remember forward. They cannot build a history of the future. We are locked into memory as our perception of life past with no tool but prediction to face the future. We build our libraries of knowledge on chronology and cannot escape the past as treasure and the future as uncertain and therefore threat. But that could change. We have the capacity to envision or at least seek the God principle. If we attain the formula, the key to all systems’ logic, are we not then the key holders to new perceptions which may unlock places within our brains that can commune with an asynchronous universe? Is this the promise of the afterlife? For my purposes here, it is enough  simply to acknowledge that all things are possible by rule of the Genesis encoding and that dominion itself is an unstable concept.  Yet it is within the occult rules that we can rest assured goodness, in the form of an asychronic logic beyond contemporary understanding, holds sway. As long as the rule is in charge, the objects cannot pollute goodness, whatever that is meant to be.