Genesis 1: 27 -31-“let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion… upon the earth


Everything that need be created is now set in place.  The sixth day represents very much all that will now move forward as if a toy has been wound and let go among other wound and moving toys. What is important is two generalities: the systems and the objects (almost like energy and mass but applied to narrative not exclusively to physics). The universe and the biblical narrative will from this point forward follow patterns set in place with items set in place. The patterns begin with the rules of physics by which the universe is designed to be governed, not all of which have at this writing been utterly revealed. But the patterns also include micro systems such as decision-making and reaction to hunger. These micro systems will be repeated as if infinitely first by the original set of animals and humanity, and then by the next set of beasts and humans and on and on and so forth. The hunting human and the hunting leopard can be seen as two objects following an inescapable set of actions. The decision making process within the hunt also represents an already set in place system within other systems acting together to provide the appearance of randomness. But they will not be random; they will be following the entropy rule or system. As each micro system collides with the next, disorder increases toward equilibrium (this is the essential rule of dramatic tension in storytelling, as well), an equilibrium perhaps not attained due to the multitude of tangential systems occurring simultaneously/tangentially/immersively. On day six of creation, fish are schooling. The school, a system of behavior seen as primitively social in order to strengthen the position of both the individual and the species, repeats. Tribal groups use the system but differences occur as different objects are in play both within the group of choice and the environmental stressors and their systems. The contemporary public school system, corrupted as it has become by the systems of greed, prejudice and Capitalism, is fish moving en masse for a group/individual benefit. Spider webs will be woven over and again when early lions crouch near a different trap such as a worn trail to a water hole or modern advertising lures customers with life-style-altering promises. Again the pattern of entrapment repeats. Sexual reproduction as well as simple cell mitosis continue seamlessly without regard to the object/being. In this sense, the appearance of man is no stupendous event but simply the replacement of object with object within ongoing systems.


However, the system of building living beings is based on a core pattern, the rna open code first and then the more sophisticated and stable dna coding, through defects/improvements/evolutions of objects due to result anomalies inexplicably generated during endless entropic movements. The dependence on rna shifting to the dependence upon dna coding is critical for complex beings to develop. These new objects resulting from threshold events as it were in the otherwise repetitive object-following-the-rules universe allows God to envision/create/grow humanity using the universal code. Important but not unique to humanity is learning and emotional attachment—both products of the higher brain functions of the being as opposed to lower brain functions such as reproduction or thirst response. Learning and emotions become new systems atop those established. Notice how creation of new systems does not require new objects and conversely appearance of a new object, say, hummingbird, requires no new system correlatively created. However, humanity refines the emotional and learning patterns and makes them something unique when a new system appears: memory. While other animals demonstrate memory on an instinctive level, and still others demonstrate memory through learning from individual events (events which represent systems crashing into one another creating challenges to the animal and if repeated often enough stimulate learning), and while genetics as a system represents basic memory required for reproduction of similar objects/beings, only humankind develops transferrable memory on any scale. The dance of bees to relate flower location to the hive and the clicks, whistles and other vocalizations of dolphins or whales (again a pre-eminent place in language for the first named animal) are hugely sophisticated and essential to their species. Yet, humanity’s language reproduction system takes on a transference other objects do not in the system of reproduction from one generation to the next. Human beings demonstrated then replicated then taught one another gestures, dances, drawings, utterances, facial expressions and other linguistic systems to be repeated and refined from mother to son and daughter to friend. This compounding of memory through generational transfer becomes a new, collective memory system which outlives the individual. Learning then can accelerate because, as an example, the wheel does not have to be reinvented once the inventor passes on. Sadly, but most importantly, weaponry development allows primacy of an otherwise defenseless, clawless, fangless, poison-less, flightless potential prey for even the lowly raccoon or rat. Gatherers make themselves hunters through community/generational learning. And the growth in sophistication of language permits newer more complex systems such as building and farming.


This is a lot to expect from the sixth day but it is not unreasonable to lump the system of systems and objects together at this point given that the biblical narrative from this point on will repeat and repeat (with permutations). Adam and Eve will be replicants of the man in our image. Owls will replicate the dinosaurs. Death will repeat in catastrophes such as the bolide event which precipitated the dinosaur extinction or the tsunamis and earthquakes which even today smite humanity with impunity or the coming threshold event humans themselves are developing through overpopulation of species and profligate use of fossil fuels. Up to the moment of our own extinction, our language, chaotic and unstable and beautiful, will sustain collective memory and learning, tying us directly to our hopes for the future as well as tying us back to our origin story and our quest to understand.