Gen 1:2 the spirit of God moved.

I lean toward the second of the two previously discussed approaches, embracing the flow, the context over the text, the ahistorical so much more important than the historical narrative. It, as previously noted, allows for epiphany. To this end, I return again within my circular helix to the beginning in order to prepare for the next, the coming of the great tribe, the horrible tribe, the mentalists with their opposing thumbs and passions. What is this spirit that moves? It is not God. God would then move, not the spirit. My hand moves. Postmoderndonkey’s hand moves. That is separate from (while inclusive to) Postmoderndonkey’s moving. This is not to create affront deserving of casting down, as I recognize the dissimilarities between myself and the Creator, yet all is one and the metaphor does not murder the signifieds. There is this thing, spirit, included in the Godhead but capable of moving of itself, or at least as an extension of its origin. This oversight on my part not to identify a fifth primal entity extending beyond creation perhaps in both (all?) planes/directions is the first and not to be the last of many as this opus progresses/circles about. I admit to leaning almost solely upon internalized knowledge and spontaneous insight/creation in writing this deconstruction. The postmodern bible is an escape from other activities of life, just so for so many web scribblers, and as such represents no labor of research beside the King James text or editing beyond proofreading. Spontaneous analysis that it is, and segmented into the briefest of time stolen from more pressing matters, much will be missed, ignored, passed by as if in conversation with the text I find later that something wonderful could have been said but was not. Additionally, progress is not at all the point as I would be dead and in Hell/Heaven/oneness/decay/revivifying before I were ever able to reach even a few books into the text. But, again, what is the impossible if not the very essence of cognition, the stuff of our being as humans separate from the physics and grammar of the universe spinning of its own in its own and for its own? How odd that our awareness could have been. This quirk almost wants to stand as proof of an infinity of possible worlds of which one includes sentient beings working on concepts perceived as impossible to accomplish. And so the spirit moved…

The moving spirit is to be essential to the appearance of humankind. It will be transferred to/shared with/lent to humans as if the Godhead would not enter us but through its disappearance/replacement/metonymy. Just as the power of life is permitted to the divided water, the spirit animates in abstentia. The subject/author of creation, the Creator, disappears into the metaphor and persists. Else all sapients would be God, not “like” God. Humanity is to be created in an image and motivated with inspiration. God recedes as God expands. All binaries are essentially trinities and more: the thing, the other, and the relationship. Here there is God, spirit, and that which connects/separates/delineates the two. Other trinities to come seem just as relational: the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost; Christ the fleshly man, Christ the everlasting God, and Christ the relationship with humanity of which so much is written and spoke; Birth, death, and afterlife, etc.  All represent a thing, an other, and the interstices of meaning. In fact (how an absurd transitional phrase that is in an unstable cosmos), relative to one another, a trinity may be seen as having no clear “one” or other; these signifiers would apply equally to any of the three as the focus upon relationship shifts. Between Christ the gestalt convergence of all meanings, and Christ the God lies the corporal thing as redeeming avatar. And so on, with each new relational perspective. As for me, “I am” represents “I” and the “am” of some existence. But without the overarching glue between the two signifieds, without the unspoken signifier, neither “I” nor “am” would have the same meaning if any at all.  Nor would existence have definition if language, at the very least the meta language of instinct/thought, as represented by “am”, did not hold center. Writer and writings similarly depend upon the occult processes from which purpose, the mediation of knowledge by innate mental paradigms, concept of perceived audience from which language and style are decided, etc. emerge/mingle/collapse.

The writer, perhaps a lone blogger at last able to focus on a few taps of the keyboard, writes. Herein the spirit of God moves. There God was, thought as act though separate from kinetics. Creation continues through the act/retreat/process/spaces among thought, fingertip and key stroke.