Not yet Genesis 1: 24- Pre-human linguistic pause, being a tangential pursuit of random word lists and the significance potential among such.

Consider language, even the same words with or without, for example, a definite article, as open to a system of coding for two different, among many other possible, views of the world as it exists before humans’ appearance. Each way leads to perhaps radically different interpretations of the act of choosing which will become so integral to the human narrative. The lists are merely associative and the point more intuitive than direct. Such is the instability of examining linguistic structure. Yet a thing impossible is not necessarily not worth attempting.

1)      List of words as things and objects separate, linked, consecutive, connected and relevant to one another yet individually identifiable. The dots, points of focus dominate. Beginning defines a list of identities continued by the telling of the count, second, third. List of specific items populate the narrative, spirit, water, itself. God said, divide, And God blessed them, all connote specificity and individuation, directed speech and limits through division/category. This is a directed construction of specific items tied one to the next, even woven, but existing as units. Purpose becomes existence and existence becomes purpose. Order is directed, controlled, perhaps pre-determined. Law determines choice. Enter sin.

“beginning, God, heaven, earth, spirit, water, God said, light, there was, called the light Day, divided, it was, second, the firmament, called the firmament Heaven,  Seas, Earth, and let the dry land appear, itself, seed, his kind, grass, herb, fruit tree, and God said, to give light upon the earth, to divide, third, rule over day and over night, the light from the darkness, lesser light, greater light, two great light, the stars, evening and morning, fifth, And God blessed them, every winged fowl, the moving creature that hath life, Let the waters bring,” 

2)      List of words of broader context as flowing into one another identified by the relationships between and among the various all within flux. The spaces between, the influence dominates. in the… identifies something within, an absence that nevertheless defines presences lacking signifiers. Group words categorize while overlapping, void, God, water, light, Earth, without standing apart.  Said, blessed, multiply, fruitful, interact without objects but must have presence to have significance. Absence of direct objects opens an ahistorical plane of relationships without beginning. Becoming more so than being, order is not the point; flow is. Allowances for utter and complete surprise exist. Choice takes precedence over law. Enter free will.

 “in the…, without form and void, God, spirit, said, let there be, light, called, good, made, Heaven, Seas, Earth, It was so, and let, dry, land, seed, appear, that is in, Let the, bring forth, and … said, to give, light upon, over, darkness, stars, blessed, fruitful, multiply, winged, abundantly, moving, creature, life, Let, waters, forth”

The structural metalanguistic perspective escapes adoption but permits awarenesses of systemically focused subjectivity/judgement of all to follow. I touch on this and quickly abandon the discussion knowing it shadows all anyway. An infinity of open doors allows access to every direction even back again as if we return innocently to a new place of birth.