Genesis 1: 20-23- Let the waters bring forth Here the occult water is given the power to create of its own. It is a divided liquid, its origin in that which was before there was, which is imbued with generative potentiality. The creation code is transferred from the direct Word of the Creator to the gathered substance made stuff of this physical realm. What is this water? What code/key/elements make it that which will now bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life? Traced back, the answer lies behind the curtain of the impenetrable emptiness before God spoke; in that undefined space was God (a not-us, not of our world entity capable of apparently unfettered dynamism), the void (as far as can be intuited by context representing lack of all things of this, our  domain), darkness (a presence not binary to light as it pre-dates light’s existence and obtains without need of a lack of light therefore representing an utterness more resplendent than luminescence, though as unimaginable an entity as the Godhead itself) and water (upon which the potentiality for beginning, sustaining and promoting toward abundance the mystical activity which separates the animate from the inanimate in addition to separating living life forms from those which no longer possess the activity which identifies life). Tracked forward, the ungathered waters are sought by man (yet to come at this point in the text) throughout the galaxies as the signal tracer of this odd new opus “life.” This latest concept is so unique that the Creator seems not to want to have direct contact with it, supplants water between life and the Being which would have it be. The system code changes. Physics had set the code for all created to this point, but this animation is unlike all previous motion and action. This animation because it is thought and spoken separate from the motion of the universe, orbits of planets and orbits of sub-atomic particle, vibration, gravity, magnetism, etc. is meant to remain within the system of physics while retaining aspects independent of the rules by which Isaac Newton is credited with beginning Western Enlightenment in the Sciences. An animate object will live and depend upon botanical, biological or organic axioms, in fact can not continue living if those aspects of the life code are disrupted beyond repair (this remediation of itself as in healing being one of the clear outlying distinguishing factors of the living). Nevertheless, the laws of physics proceed unabated upon a fresh corpse while what made that corpse a living being a few moments prior has escaped the dominion of the physical province without detection or our ability to measure. Here was a deer running through the forest, one with its ambiance. The hunter’s arrow pieced the buck’s heart disrupting the closed system of blood pressure and circulation causing the deer to drop, gasp its last and die. All these things up to death proceed within our metrics of perception. But when the life force abandons the entity it previously stirred, no calculus can be applied to represent the loss. We ask, as we ask what infinity is, what that life thing was. Come from water, does it return thereto? If the waters recede will life as well? Of course it will in the coding of physics as life depends upon water made up of or existing within as it is or does. But further, would water in its leaving take with it that unmeasurable energy which is the very stuff of life. Does water contain and recycle as it were, the life force? This skirts the proposals of the Gaia principle but replaces the Earth mother as center of life with the gathered waters as central vessel of life, given that Earth in this text exists without life while water is specifically deemed the executor of the quick. Also, unlike Gaia, the waters do not appear prescient, but rather simply tasked with creating life, an order more bordering physics than spirituality. In sum, water provides life and life depends upon water. Yet water remains unclarified in its dynasty of purpose.

Proceeding with a list presumably chronological given the system of ciphering which God has set in place and by which all will proceed following a metalanguage along with that of the immediate, life of some sort begins in the water, then fowl take flight (in the broader sense we can allow ourselves to include airborne bacteria, seeds and animals among the first all-inclusive use of the word fowl inclusive in the rules by which land animals will appear in the sixth day), then whales (to complete rapidly the animals extant we see efficiency in listing from that which implies the tiniest by simply saying “moving creatures” to the largest known living thing). It is tempting to enter the fray of discussion of the dinosaur as perhaps having become the largest animal for a while, but it seems to have been an unsustainable thread of biology, and land animals have yet to be seen by this time in the text, and nevertheless the great mammal evolved toward a more sustainable state existing at the time of the writing of the text and only now at risk by the descendants of the authors who put such store on this magnificent creature. The authors were also of course working with the stuff at hand at the moment of scribbling out the holy text.

Again, in the English, appears the gender specificity of pronoun choice in the phrase and every winged fowl after his kind. As discussed previously, this appears to have been a political choice, God having shown no interest in sexuality as part of the original acts of creation, these male authors, religious dignitaries who, while perhaps spiritually motivated, were weak in generosity and suffered from ambition toward control and power irreconcilable with their avowed pursuit of otherworldly goals. Male coding weaves itself through all Western language/history for better but most probably for worse.

And God blessed them– Here is another new thing: the blessing. This blessing act is different from God’s declaration of a thing being good. Good seems to be reflexive on God’s part, as if to say the thing works well and no further tinkering is necessary. The blessing serves some different purpose specifically because it appears after and is conferred upon the abstruse entity newly minted, life. In current parlance, we see houses blessed and countries blessed and all sorts of non-living items blessed by representatives of the various church-type systems. But the genesis of the word seems to pertain solely to that which has life force.

Blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply- For the first time divine communication is not reflexive but directed outward toward entities, the first audience so to speak. There is benediction, good feelings expressed, along with an motion to take the power first given to the gathered waters to create life and now subtly transfer it a second time to the life forms themselves encouraging them to replicate following the biological system of fruiting applied generously. Herein, fruitful also connotes some form of beneficent intention. What is not said is “be maleficent and multiply”, or, “be avaricious and multiply.” Simply be fruitful and multiply within the canon designated by the physics which underpins all creation. Perhaps within the fruitful command is a threat implied that to multiply beyond or outside of the rules of physics will have negative results and multiplication might result in division and loss. We, humanity, shall see.

And fill the waters in the sea– From that which was given the power to actualize life is life designated to return and occupy. From water to water. The snake eats itself in the cycle circle.

And the evening and the morning were the fifth day– Time again is delineated by light, as Einstein first proposed to Science. The darkness lies outside of light and is no part of time. The void does not involve itself in time either just as God exists beyond the concept. And, most mysteriously, water exists beyond time in an ungathered state while interacts with time/light in the gathered state in its function of life-giving source. Water abides both in and out of time. Life, liquidity, duration, illumination flow outward and inward in a currently indecipherable mobius-like helix of infinite dimensions.