Genesis 1: 13-15the third day- The series of days begins. The human mind tends to see two items as relatively random associations without implication for the future. The series begins with a third item relative to the first two wherein we can begin to intuit a logical result as if we seek syllogisms within the abstractions we encounter. God creates a third day as a part of an ongoing development of something new. But there is now expectation of more, of an ongoing, within this third day created. The series of physics, geology, botany has been begun but the realm of physics is occult and not part of the “real” paradigm represented by the separation of water and the invention of light and illumination. Physics remains outside our “reality” as rules are outside the reality of a game while required for definition of the game as it plays out. Without the rules the game is mere chaos and no game; but no player calls out rules as part of the process of playing. Rules are discussed between the play or from within a chorus not playing in order that chaos be avoided at all costs. In this way, physics can be and is ruminated as the evolving rule book of the universe, that rule book created first by God to establish what is good from what was never intended. Interesting to note that chaos as a lack of physics is also the accepted condition of hell. A set of rules different from physics exists there as a set of rules seems to have existed vis a vis angelic beings pre-Genesis as will be revealed.

lights… to divide- Division is the ongoing motif of creation. As water was gathered while some remained ungathered, light is divided into the ideal original and that which now emanates from the firmament for the purpose of time-keeping and biological/botanical function. More significant to man and the social contract is the appearance of the concept of signs. Light is the first indication that there will be meaning built into the universe to which humankind will have limited but significant access. Light as metaphor for knowledge and understanding is revelatory here as light is the lubricant/interface for signs and meaning. Light itself is not accorded significance. It is the means of signifying at this moment but will of course be swallowed by the mythic snake questing all including itself as understanding.

to give light upon the earth- Here earth is implicated as not only a cauldron of experimentation/evolution/creation, but also as the focus of a greater universe. Perhaps this interpretation was wrong-headed. Certainly, Copernicus and Galileo paid severe penalties for insisting the physical universe is not in any way centered around this earth. They mayhaps were not attempting to diminish the importance of religion as a centerpiece of belief and rule book of social behavior, but they certainly kicked in the bolted door behind which religious leaders interpreted what is now called the sciences thus adding science as a pseudo competitor to religion alongside pre-Judeo-Christian theology such as worship of the Earth mother, and the competition which “reality” itself represents for individuals who experience this, bewildered as they are by it, and then seek reason, logic, explanation and ultimately some form of solace/acceptance. Here we return to light as the catalyst for sign, symbol, significance and therefore emotional stability across cultures.