Genesis 1: 10-12- And God said- A continuing narrative with the signifiers and for continuity, God for an established narrator of creation (different in incalculable ways but mainly by lack of bias from the narrators of the bible text telling an edited version of an untellable tale using an only partially viable medium) and said reconfirming language as the process of creation. It is important to note that at this point either God is the receptive audience for this spoken narrative or there exists an audience outside of the narrative listening. The tale will be told until its end, and an end is implied by the coming narrative of the angel as gift to the expulsed human pair from Eden.

Let the earth- Power is transferred for the first time to an entity other than God. Earth is given the power to bring forth. This is not the same as the power of creation but rather the power of revelation, bringing forth that which is already created in the universe of God. Those items permitted to be brought forth are listed but much is also implied in the generality of the categories grass, herb, seed, and fruit tree. Thus, botany precedes biology as geology preceded botany and physics the first of the created fields. Physics is required primarily to establish rules and protocols. Within water and spirit, pre-existing entities from which much is made, there exist energy and mass. The protocols of energy are established in the creation of light and that of mass in the gathering/substantiation of water, then earth, then plants.

after his kind-  The male pronoun first introduced by the human transcribers/politicians/religious leaders in Gen 1:5 is now itself transferred as a staff of power to the creation myth. So much power is created by the transcribers in this giving of masculine traits to otherwise neutral or at worst equal extremes of gender– though biologically we see in germination of humans that female sexual organs are first established and male organs are then generated from that which is female, so it may be argued that the masculine pronoun was indeed not God’s intent– that it is folly to ignore the human intent within the choice of gender pronoun. A male creates the world and is identified within the division of life-given entities by male attributes. Language is God’s medium of creation/control and man/men appropriate/replicate/imitate this as selfish children. Thus political power is claimed by men for men over women while in fact the portion of essential activity which males represent in the process of generating generations and nurturing them to maturity can be said to be nothing more than insemination. The female assumes all responsibility from impregnation on. Much suffering will accrue to this word choice and its motives. Within this interpretation, we shall attempt to remain aloof from the politics of pronoun gender choice but recognize our weakness in expertise over a living language as evidenced by the use of the word “seminal” with its inherent gender bias in the first post. The improbability and perhaps impossibility of control over neutrality while using a language permeated with pronoun powered bias speaks as evidence against the innocence of those ancients whose language manipulation led to the infusion of misappropriated thought, language and behavior across human history. We, of course, can only conjecture as to the direction of historical events if the female pronoun had been given precedence or if a genuine effort had been made to allow neutrality to permit equality and recognition of humanity as the base of identification.

whose seed is in itself,- Herein lies the circularity of process, logic, language, the great snake, reflexive thinking, life and death and rebirth. Given mass and energy, the process of transmogrification can be and is established through conception in its botanical form and its biological form to come through a blueprinting process throughout classifications. Some regenerative exceptions will evolve within the earthly realm unaddressed in biblical text such as asexually reproductive organisms. This is reassuring in that the whole story is affirmed as not yet having been told despite the claimed authority of the biblical authors. The seed that is in itself is something of a call and response echoing back to “I am that I am” yet to come.