Genesis 1: 9-10- and let the dry land appear: and it was so.- Language again is the act of creation, foreshadowing the impregnation through the ear of Mary, mother to the Christ child, through the miracle of immaculate conception. God has no need of biological acts of creation having applied language in its stead and setting in place all philosophies which lead to conceptualization of human reality being dependent upon cognitive creations such as image and word, metaphor and all other forms of internal visualization of the perceived and/or experienced world. In the current binary, that which is dry is defined by the recession of water, water being the defining element. It was so provides the basis of the existential verb of existence and state of being “to be.” Thus, when God later provides Moses with the occult definition of Godhead as “I am that I am.” we can accept also that this is a representation of our own definition and that we perhaps will come finally in our quest for singularity to discover that the equation simply reveals that existence is what it is and lacks a need for definition which by definition is a phrase or linguistic structure outside of the thing itself and thus of no actual use to the thing defined but rather a construct whose purpose is solely within the realm of that which seeks a definition of that which is undefined. In this we see language consuming itself and its master tongue much like the Norse serpent of mythology Jormungandr as a symbol of the Greek Ourboros in which reflection requires consumption of the thing reflected upon. In God’s creation of both existence and language simultaneously, we see this self-reflexive act where the word invents/consumes the thing which is required for the word to have a reason to exist. The word Earth itself provides initially only an additional term for dry land in a reversal of term and definition wherein dry land seems to have existed as a term and definition wherein Earth as a proper name requires definition to distinguish it from, say, a person’s name or the name of a corporation. Gathered water, too, gains a term, Seas, but this serves both to separate the waters from the Earth and to delineate the waters which have remained divine and ungathered from the Seas which are now of the mortal and gathered/limited. The term Good is applied to the things created and the system of naming and the protocol for the system, though the protocol will remain open to new permutations.