Gen 1:4– it was good– The genesis of judgement in our realm. That made of God’s will is good. We are not yet privy to the binary concept of bad as there is either all that has always been and so beyond judgement and a new thing, light, proclaimed “good.” In this context good has no or infinite connotations as it lacks anything to which it can be compared, evaluated, relativized. At this moment, good signifies only the unknowable concept within God’s galaxy of signifieds.

divided the light– The first purposeful division, to evolve into a meme of crucial and as often superficial significance. Cell division leads in import for perpetuation in God’s protocols of immortality within mortality. Language division evolves first as Babelian punishment but later as an act of social/individual creation both pregnant with unimportant minutiae and wondrously revealing of taking punishment and mining value from within. The division of light appears unnecessary as darkness is of the eternal and light is of the temporal. But language and the spoken word are key to come. At this point God saw the light as good, so the judgement and its meaning are inscrutably God’s own.

Gen 1:5–  called the light Day- The evolution of language from creation to definition and precision/instability of concept. As the word is spoken, meaning takes on meaning. Light as a concept derives significance to the ephemeral. It is now also Day. The period of light is Day and Day will be the beginning of marking time. The first day is defined not by darkness but by light, not by that which has ever existed, but by that which is God’s construct. Humans will thrive in daylight and struggle against the presence of darkness. Through classification, humanity is excluded from the realm of the infinite without recourse to divine intervention or perhaps invention through curiosity applied within the purloined quality of knowledge (this, history has yet to prove but science and its unified field quest seems to imply).