Gen 1:1In the beginning: there was no beginning. Herein lies the seminal ungraspable for humanity; how do we comprehend the eternal from a mortal perspective?

God, heaven, earth: Signifiers established for abstract signifieds. The first of many trinities to come. God and heaven are inclusive binaries immersed within one another, as are earth and God. Heaven and earth are exclusive binaries requiring an act of God for interpenetration. No genders are specified or implied in English at the creation of these signifiers or their signifieds. None is needed in this act of creation.

Gen 1:2Without form and void, darkness, spirit and water: Water becomes the first corporeal entity as the rest are defined by a lack of or a thing (spirit) beyond the realm of the corporeal. Water is the birthplace of that which we perceive as substance, with spirit hovering above.

Gen 1:3-And God said: The birth of the spoken word and language as the act of creation (to this point all else, curiously including water, were not created but simply began in an infinitude beyond ken). Without language for our comprehension, there is only the void without form, darkness, spirit and water.

Let there be light: Purpose is clear: illumination both physical and metaphorical; but the audience remains unstated though understood as the act precedes the description of the act and the transcription of the act by its own audience

And there was light: to see by in a corporeal world just as the proscenium stage must be lit for the setting and actors to exist, but also the new binary of darkness and light is created for use later as metaphor on innumerable levels (in yet another perplexing dilemma, light is of the created, corporeal world and darkness of that which is always and was of God’s realm prior to the speaking of light into existence). Intent of God to provide light as understanding makes convolute the later ban on eating from the tree of knowledge. We accept this and all apparent contradictions as parceled within our inability as temporal beings to emerge from the seminal unknowable concept of infinity.