Ender’s Game the movie has been announced for the Fall. Lots of quality artists involved. I welcome the news with trepidation and excitement. No bad movie can make a good book less. Still, Scott Card is on record as saying he fears what Hollywood would do with anyone other than a child actor for the Ender character and Asa Butterfield appears to be on the gray side of childhood (then again authors often make the weakest of advisers for film though Scott Card seems to be co-credited for screenwriting here). There is also concern that so much of the book dwells in Ender’s thoughts so poses difficulties to transform cinematically.  The book stands alongside Huck Finn, To Kill a Mockingbird, Howl’s Moving Castle and Catcher in the Rye as being accessible and engaging equally to adolescent readers and adults. Except in the case of Ender we have the bonus of Ender’s Shadow to savor. Talk about Borges’ Pierre Menard rewriting Quixote, Scott Card writes the same story fourteen years after the first novel but from the perspective of a different essential character. Hopefully, Bean’s more kinetic involvement with Ender makes its way into the movie to enhance the cinematic energy. In sum, a masterful novel may or may not be ruined by Hollywood. Again.