As all we have in common is a perception of reality and the tool of language as a loose construct of communication based on tropes solely because we are incapable of accuracy of descriptions of reality due to the uniqueness or undeveloped skill of each person’s ability to perceive, and as the mind and particularly its relation to reality through perception, including its concomitant production of distorting emotional states, is the least understood of all organic processes of the body, we are cobbled in our communicative abilities and unable to explain truly why; thus the nihilism of current criticism. However, criticism and the production of literature or any communication is an accepted fact of a perceived reality of progression in human development loosely referred to as the march of civilization. Given the continued struggle toward understanding and a commonality of such maxims as can be seen in Machiavelli and Sun Tzu, for starters, as well as common threads through all major religious cant, we remain to wonder how we connect. The most universal connection is organic, not excluding the mystical and perceptual impact of organic process, such as sexual acts for an example, or hunger, on emotional states. We can discuss hunger, though we perceive it differently as each of us experiences it differently at any one moment. We ultimately fail at discussing, or agreeing upon a construct through which to discuss any process that is not organically based because pure thought is not a commonality but rather a pure other, “understood” only where it relates to perceptions particularly of organic process and action. Thus, we enjoy or relate to or disagree with a story where we connect to it organically, experientially, and spin off from any ability to discuss it where organic function disappears from the text. This, of course, presumes the organic is not mirage. In this way, dreams are related through imagery and action, Freudian analysis having imploded, while we lack any communicative tool to discuss the tissue holding dreams together. Emotions equally fail evocation beyond image and act. The abstract remains inexpressible though infinitely interpretable.