Zen musings from a fitness blogger. One goal at a time. Just one. I think I read Mother Teresa muse in this direction from Bombay years ago.

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The other day I was visiting a loved one in the hospital. As I read the board with the nurses name on call, the date, special instructions for care, I saw one item I hadn’t seen on hospital boards in the past. “Today’s Goal”

Today. One goal. A mantra to help focus during tough times, & to remind you of what’s true priority.

Don’t let the long term goals & aspirations overwhelm you from the short term task at hand. Don’t cringe at putting down that cigarette because forever just seems to long to handle. But, for today, don’t smoke. For today, be that person you want to be. Just jog today, just skip the fries today. (Just call your mom today?)

Today is too short to carry the weight of a lifetime of to-do’s, but perfectly fit to stand tall & hold it’s own. Take reign of today…

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