Many thanks to the Elkement blog for nominating Postmoderndonkey into a potentially ubiquitous spam nomination process chasing the illusive Liebster blog award presumably never to be awarded as the nomination acceptance process expands by a factor of eight with each completed acceptance straining the limits of the infinitude of the world wide web. Cutting through the virtual red tape as it were, I hereby nominate all blogs everywhere regardless of orientation, quality or intent for the Liebster award. I have spontaneously created and awarded the Liebster Continuation Trophy [here it is, look carefully-( …)] to Elkement who may choose to award the trophy forward or shelve it to sell as an artifact of her career years from now. For further information on this mad tea party of a nomination process and to accept my nomination of your blog please go to:

Elkement is a chaos/process oriented blogger with brilliant insights into reconciling random connectivity and stuff I only aspire to comprehend as it turns to ashes on my screen.