Dr. John S has been my friend and colleague for more than ten years.  Over the last two years he was a bristling presence in our lives, a fragile hero fighting a merciless illness like some wild-eyed boy throwing rocks from a slingshot at a giant. Each day he came to school ready to work alongside his students was an affirmation of his life. And his students with their vision for a bright future were a gift from God that energized Dr. S. When they were not prepared, he was angry and frustrated with them, knowing more than most of us how precious are the hours and the minutes that make up our lives. And when they were on point he smiled and enjoyed sharing in their successes. As his friend, I want to thank Dr. S’s students for living those moments with him.  Your efforts in his classes were part of his daily victories. And just as it was good for him to focus on teaching you, I’m certain learning from him even to his last days will always be a positive experience in your lives. With your strivings and the loving care of his wife and son, each day John S fought death itself to a standstill. But there was only one King David and we do not know how many unsung heroes with slingshots stood up to Goliath before he fell to that wild-eyed boy in the Valley of Elah. Yet we can say all of us were witness to the courage of a King in the fighting spirit of Dr. S. Please take his example to heart and strive toward that bright future for which he struggled to help you prepare. And even as God now embraces John in the infinite wonders of the unknown universe, may the Lord also hold John’s family close, and touch each and every one of his students with the spark of divine inspiration.