The surface of the earth is two thirds covered with water.  By divine coincidence our bodies are made up of about two thirds water.  Water is the dominant element of life.  As astronomers search the galaxies for any other celestial bodies to which the Creator may have endowed life, they first search for any signs of the existence of water, or even the elements, even traces of them, which make up water, hydrogen and oxygen.  Is it coincidence that the oxygen all life requires to breathe is built right into the most important element water?  Add some carbon to the mix, as God in His/Her all-knowingness did, and you’ve got the perfect mixing pot for existence of life. So water is pretty important.  Imagine how much more integral it is to an aquaculturalist and even more so to his or her fish.  If a person is going to raise the Jesus fish, that person will get wet.  Consider it a continuous baptism or something spiritual even if non-Christian.  In fact, feel blessed that you are being baptized in the essence of known life anew each time you get wet.

You will work and work hard on your farm.  The sun will be bright and hot, or the the sun will be bright but the day will be cold and windy.  The sun might be obscured on a leaden day where the gray sky is close and threatens but does not deliver rain though the humidity is so thick you feel as though you were breathing underwater.  It may be night and you are working under artificial lighting.  Or most moving of all, it may be a clear, crisp late autumn evening and you are working under the silver light of a large full moon, the kind of moon so full of light that it throws crisp, heavy shadows on the ground around you.  No matter the weather, you will work.  You will work the planned development and new construction.  You will work daily on maintaining what is already up and running.  You will work at any hour on emergency repairs which threaten the stock.  You will work extraordinarily when storm or cold threatens.  And whenever you work, in heat or cold, you will sweat.  Sweat is wet and salty like the ocean.  You are a fish farmer sweating ocean water.  What could be more appropriate or godlike in its integration of like kinds?  Embrace the effort.  And embrace the sweat as it will cover and embrace you.  Feel the sting of salty perspiration seeping to the corner of your right eye.  Try to blink it out, then laugh and let the salty tears of an irritated eye wash the sweat on down your cheek.  You in your labors are a perfect machine and it is not a moment to be missed that you are aware of the forces within you supporting each of your movements.  This is the human you need to be sometimes, the one so unified with nature, so organic.  Get wet with sweat, tears and fish water and let it remind you of the connection you and all things share.