Image I’m sorry if this isn’t all just nuts and bolts, just a tech book on raising fish and farming.  That’s not what it was for us and that’s not what it is for humanity.  We are as a civilization so fixated on the immediate, the instant gratification, the improvement, that we are more often than not incapable of appreciating anything past, future, and/or especially right now.  We work on a small scale and in a hurry.  Nature doesn’t.  Nature takes time, a long time, to figure ways to do things.  Natural time is connected to God’s clock and no one knows how long between ticks of even the second hand.  Maybe that’s the biggest problem for mankind.  Our scale and nature’s scale are so impossibly different in size.  We work in snapshots and we don’t even save developed pictures anymore, just pixels on a storage drive.  Nature stretches its canvas so slowly it seems the stretching is the work itself.  But once the canvas is taut, nature starts to work choosing a medium, a color, a combination, working slowly, seeing things for a while, deciphering some secrets, working as in oils that take so long to dry and allow for infinite intrusions, hybrids, before permanency sets in, and even that is only temporary.  We rush past nature feverishly, bluffing with confidence, referring to corrupt precedents as proofs, and collapsing with disappointment when things fall apart.  Our last words are blame heaped on others, unable as we are to shoulder responsibility for our own failures, our own lack of foresight and consideration, our guilt at presuming too much, assuming too much, inventing a place in the celestial paradigm somewhere near the top, in the image of the maker, arrogant as hell and cast out twice, no thrice from paradise.  I apologize for not being pedantic and not writing a how-to that says how-to and nothing more.  I apologize if you wanted to get the information and rush on to action and my life and my children’s lives, and my wonderful wife’s life, and Adolfo’s life got in the way of the telling.  The telling counts.  Tell your neighbor something real.  Go tell it on the mountain.  Tell the beads in order.  Tell me something I don’t know.  Make me feel good about our future. But allow me to feel good about now, at least every once in a while.  Unregulated, untaxed, unwelcome, unbridled, uncivilized, unbelievable and unnatural.  Oh, but there is no unnatural.  There is only nature.  Science is man with a tiny candle walking in the great dark room of nature mad with discoveries, and crazy to think he’s even close to the ultimate truth.  I apologize if my candle light flickered and revealed my face.  You’ll get over it quickly.  You’ll rush for the next big thing.  And, believe me, it’s coming for you.