Today we celebrate the inauguration of a second term President who is genetically half African and half Caucasian. Common language would say half white half Black.  Oddly, whites tend to refer to Barack Obama as a Black President.  African Americans often but not quite predominately (though language is influenced by audience and Black is a political road grader, propitiating the sensitive, and easier for lots of whites to grasp without conflict) refer to him as “mixed.” Language and labels drive communication and cooperation.  The country had to take its one Black US Senator to put in place its first Black President.  This from a country 12% African American by census (though nearly 40% of federal prison inmates are Black) so ideally (perhaps if districts were not designed to maintain the power of federal Congresspersons with no term limits) one would think somewhere near 12% of the Senate would be Black.  For that matter, like President Obama’s genetic make-up, the gender make-up of America is nearly 50-50.  Yet, there has never been a female President (this arguably due to male domination of politics and rules and business and money, which probably also explains how the gender breakdown of federal prison population is 94% male to 6% female). The English language is fulsome with racist and misogynist implications (white hat= good cowboy, black hat= bad cowboy, white angels v. black angels [black angels?], God is He when He has no need of gender, and on and on) which are not without negative impact from generation to generation. We celebrate the inauguration of a mixed race male to the American Presidency, as well this nation should celebrate given its abusive history. Let’s take it with a grain of salt, that salt which comes from the salt of the earth, the working masses who try their best to see meaning in election jargon and vote their own self-interest as perceived through unstable and polluted language symbols, self-interest itself sometimes so marginalized as to narrow perception to a view actually against one’s own self-interest. Let’s celebrate that the salt of the earth put a person tainted with historically demonized blood in charge of our Ship of State.  Hurrah for history.  Hurrah for us because this is a moral and ethical person with deep wisdom and sharp intellect and a willingness to listen to others tied to a courage to make a decision and stand by it (and even then to be open to persuasion to evolve, itself a misused term, in that position). Hurrah for Hope. Hurrah for the superhero in all of us who seeks true Truth, Justice and that weird, weird thing, the American Way.