Beautiful editing. Political and commercial but those are generally sublimated by the overall impression. The music– I do wonder if royalties were rendered– communicates the theme of a unified heaven on earth, though man does not appear in the body of the work, nor technology, both of which are the primary hostiles to the non-human memes. Ah, but there is a camera and there is a camera person and an editor, viewers, me and you, the blog web people, etc. all behind the lens, in the unseen background, like readers of books who perhaps even while loving the books are ripping each page out as it is read and tossing it into a wildfire lit by a careless camper or Marlboro smoker driving by tossing a burning butt. All interconnected, and isn’t that meant to be the message? Though as an environmental fund there is the hope of a tree-hugging conservationist implied. I can not avoid deconstructing this wonderful film. I should leave it alone and hug the nearest tree. That love of nature is in me. Sometimes, as Freud said, a cigar is just a cigar. But, someone else pointed out that Freud was a cigar smoker and apt to try to preëmpt any phallic implications. Madness in the messages. Peace in the overall system beyond our control. The wildlife trusts instinct. Peace in genetic messaging. The rainbow is a Judeo-Christian symbol. Most wildlife only look skyward if they fear a predator. Save the herd.