What is required to care and what is lost with experience.

Daisy Buchanan is a Bitch.

This is a 15 minute animation narrated by Tim Minchin and illustrated/written by Shaun Tan. It was based on Shaun Tan’s picture book of the same name. Although having come across his books in shops and absolutely adoring them, I had never actually bought any. Probably partly because they are always put with al the children’s picture books (even though I think they’re are far more suitable for adults), and I do have a slight fear that people will think I am extraordinarily strange if I start spending my time in the section of the bookshop for 4 year olds. Anyway, about a year ago my grand mother bought me a copy of one of his books, The Red Tree. His illustrations are breathtaking, and although at times dark, his books are just wonderful. My fabulous grandmother also deserves credit for showing me this video.

Although the link here is on youtube…

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