The vision of a thing is not the thing itself. Light waves have rebounded from the thing’s surface and entered the eye to be translated from light energy stimuli to nerve energy stimuli to be translated into the ether of thought so unique to the individual based on quality of vision, quality and maturity of brain function, experience and bias of the thinker, immediate other ambient stimuli inundating the thinker and a host of macro and micro influences ongoing around and within the thinker. To express what has been perceived is in the abstract seemingly improbable given the instability of language and audience.  Yet when I see a grave and say it, my wife looks for a grave and sees one.  My grave may not meet her grave in exactitude but it suffices to allow civilization to move somewhere without even agreeing upon what civilization entails or conspires to accomplish. Yet I suspect there is harmonic movement and unison among us, though it does not console me in my grief and isolation. So we kiss and kiss slowly and sometimes let sensation replace thought briefly and sometimes wish sensation were ever thought and perhaps that is the joy of an afterlife or maybe it is organic chemistry bonding and binding and releasing.