What joy deconstruction can bring.  Childhood brims with a world creating concepts and definitions but contradicting itself at every step. Children expect the unexpected; they look forward to it.  And to the greatest extent possible they become the agents of change.  They are physically and psychologically shape shifters, the myriad avatars of Zeus, Loki, crow, fox, coyote, the monkey king and all other trickster memes scattered across cultural creation stories and beyond. One of the greatest pastimes of childhood entails doing an action simply to “see what happens.” Whatever does happen may bring consequences unexpected and even dreadful, yet that is exactly the drama of expectancy which is so entertaining to a child’s thirsting mind. As the stock of negative consequences pile up from bad personal experiences and shared negative reports of experiences, humans acquire a certain discernment which prejudices them against the adventurous spirit; this is part of what is often called learning to become adults. Growing into adulthood involves actively rejecting the unexpected, planning and investing against it, and diminishing the deconstructive excitement. So often the mantra of adulthood is “I hate surprises.” Does the world stop changing, constructing and shattering? Of course not. But the thrill of embracing that turmoil fades and itself morphs into fear and anxiety, stressors devolving from the surprise gifts of the universe. The contemporary political manipulator recognizes this phenomenon and uses the fear of a deconstructing world in his or her party’s favor.

Currently, the Republican party is most adept at this, perhaps because it is most aligned with the most deconstructive industries globally, energy and investment primary among them. The role of deconstruction in the energy sector is simple: the planet suffers aggressively mining and drilling of its carbon resources at any cost to the environment to produce fuels that further degrade the environment through the inefficient internal combustion model which wastes often 90% of the fuel to produce any discernible mechanical movement. The profits of this industry are the highest of any within the business planet and demand perpetuation to the last molecule of combustible carbon. Any attempt by government to regulate the risk-taking and incalculable ongoing planetary damage is labeled a threat to business freedom, corporate decision-making, and American entrepreneurship.  The energy industry spends millions on marketing and lobbying to minimize the public’s understanding of the threat and to demonize the government as inept meddlers who threaten the national fuel supply and cripple big business’s ability to hire the working masses.  Over in the investment sector’s milieu, money is gambled at nanosecond speeds using both published and unpublished data and rumor using investments whose profits are often not tied to the growth of the investment but rather can be equally beneficial when gambled on the collapse of an investment, be it a commodity or company or what have you. This process makes both the signifier and signified irrelevant to the sign. The only stability in the financial markets is the flux of the entire system. Government regulations slow down this flux in an attempt to stabilize dangerous shifts in equity and capital value to protect societal institutions such as retirement funds and government bond issues. Because investment depends on the velocity of decision-making and money movement, regulation is demonized as anti-business. But the banking industry or mortgage industry, which are contemporarily fused though once were separate, again for the safety of the general public, fail, they confidently turn to government to bail them out to return as quickly as possible to the high-risk taking that brings down capital markets cyclically. Through deconstruction, the industries grow under government protection while fighting the government tooth and nail within systems that destabilize in these examples the future of the planet’s ability to sustain human life or destabilize the system of currency structure upon which the majority of the population and civilization itself depend both for current well-being and future retirement. These industries have evolved to realize a business model adept at minimizing interest in its customers’ true satisfaction as they profit from the system that is inexorably dependent upon them as suppliers to customers who lack understanding or viable alternatives. It is, in fact, the success of these industries in blurring their processes publicly that allows their perpetuation. The American public supports systems that are nefariously misrepresented, systems which profit through the deconstruction of message and perceived reality.

The current Presidential ticket on the Republican side is overwhelmingly bankrolled by the very manipulative deconstructionists who profit on the least best interest of the public.  How would the public even consider voting for a pair such as Romney and Ryan if it were clear to the electorate that in Republican control the government upon which Americans depend would be ultimately deconstructed into a for-profit system fully aligned against the interests of the middle and lower classes? The electorate would be persuaded by using the same misrepresentation and lack of explicit detail upon which the energy and financial industries have become so powerful. Plans for dismantling of the social safety net system exist in black and white published by Republican leaders. Yet those plans are described in ways that blur their reality and confuse the voter. When details become simply too egregious for explanation away, those details, like Romney’s income tax, are simply kept hidden. Notice here how candidate Romney never refers to his “income taxes” when he even speaks of them at all, but rather to simply “taxes” which he has paid.  The signifier “taxes” could include property tax, sales tax, and a myriad of fees. The signifier “fee” itself has been deftly manipulated through the years by politicians on both sides of the aisle, but especially Republicans and especially Romney, as a replacement for taxes.  So Romney can claim a tax reduction in Massachusetts as Governor without revealing massive fee increases that may not have offset the loss in revenue of lowered taxes but most often shifted the burden of debt payment to the middle and lower classes whose lives became weighted with the new fees. When Ryan is on record as having promoted “Vouchercare” to replace “Medicare” in order to privatize the medical care of those retired or in need, and maximize the insurance industry’s bottom line by capturing a customer base that would have no alternative, he publicly denies his plan would have any impact on any citizen whom the Republican party believes would vote Republican.  The fixed income person, the poor or struggling middle class, the minority population be damned.  They were unpersuadable anyway.

Beneath the deconstructive activities of the GOP is a rock-solid, unswerving determination to profit at the expense of American tax payers. In this, Republicans are no more true shape shifters than oil companies or investment bankers. The hypocritical trick of these Tricksters is their disbelief in any uncontrolled change that threatens profit and industry growth. The millions spent to hide this hypocrisy speak volumes to its reality. And it takes an onslaught of millions in lobbying and ad campaigns to fool the adult electorate.  American adults are not stupid.  They are victims of campaigns of malicious misinformation that fuels their adult anxieties about the unknown.  If GOP plans were known clearly, the electorate in its wisdom would choose against the kind of violent and radical change in public policy advocated by the Republican party and fueled by corporate dollars. The Republicans represent the childhood bully who forced high-risk on his victim for his own selfish interests without concern for the damage inflicted. The childhood bully hurt his victim while smiling the Romney smile. American adults would not follow or obey that bully. They would choose the safest path, that of progressive change for the better of all citizens including reasonable profit for entrepreneurs and big business.

The Republican party understands that American adults have lost their joy of deconstruction and have in fact become anxious of change.  The GOP uses this fear to muddy the message coming at the electorate. The clear message for 99% of the electorate is that a vote for a Republican is a vote against America’s best interests. The muddied message is that the electorate should not trust a black man, should not recognize the benefits of a growing American minority, should not believe that what is true about Republican plans is really true but rather is a lie and morally reprehensible misrepresentation of the values of the contemporary GOP.  However, the big money manipulators and the GOP law makers have co-opted the Trickster power to embrace and perpetuate a continuum of confusion, lack of evidence and misrepresentation of fact, feeding the fear of change adults have come to internalize and deconstructing the very ground upon which the American family has built its house.

As adults, Americans hate big surprises, and rightfully so. They do not want to risk their hard-earned money, futures or lives on surprise radical and selfish endeavors. And yet, in the midst of the deconstructed message perpetuated by the GOP, Americans risk waking up to a surprising world of radical financial tyranny and dire environmental chaos to threaten civilization on a scale never seen and perhaps not to be survived.