Romney compares himself to Henry Ford and Steve Jobs. Okay. So let’s look at that abstract but singular manipulation of image.  Ford and Jobs invented and held patents on products Americans bought, used and came to love, mass-produced-in-America automobiles (Ford) and everything Apple (Jobs). These led to plenitude. Romney didn’t invent but was a “pioneer” of outsourcing.  Now there’s a product no American but Romney and his 1% backers could use.  How do Americans benefit from Romney’s entrepreneurship?  A few very select workers were allowed to build the scaffolding upon which Romney’s people stood to fire them. And then those bosses, those hangmen who made their victims build their metaphoric own gallows, profited from the closure of the company (and then invested those profits in secret accounts overseas to avoid paying taxes to help strengthen the America Romney says he loves so much).That is not a leader for an America struggling to crawl from the wreckage left by Republican-imposed policies. Henry Ford, by contrast, understood that his company depended on the American customer for growth.  Without the customer, there is no growth for most companies (except Romney’s). So Henry Ford gave massive raises in wages to his Ford workers so that each one could afford to buy a Ford and participate in the growth of that industry. Compare that business leadership to Romney’s people telling their employees to build a scaffold because the boss needs to say a few words. We all know that President Obama, just like 99% of the rest of America, respects and depends on the entrepreneur and small business man and woman who hire Americans and enhance their lives.  We are all proud when our companies prosper. President Obama like the rest of us depends on a healthy economy for his job. He is not the man who built the scaffold.  He is trying, against the will and animus of the Republican party, to take the Romney scaffold apart and use the parts to build a foundation for the growth of the American middle class, the consumers who fuel the small businesses around our great country. Romney wants to fire Obama (he likes to fire people) and outsource America. Sure we need more Henry Fords and Steve Jobs and Thomas Edisons and Bill Gates, and even entrepreneurs who create financial products we can use to make our lives better.  But we most certainly do not need a leader who believes the middle class is dependent on the cruel profiteering of a greedy financial manipulator who hides his past in secrecy and disdains openness and transparency. In that image lurks Thanatos.