With Republican-leaning Big Oil blurring all messages concerning environmental issues into a hyper reality beyond clarity, and cable outlet Republican surrogates like MSNBC‘s Cupp disingenuously but dutifully professing the debunked concept that there still exist any reasonable scientific minds which do not make the connections between human activity, climate change and weather trends, and the supposedly neutral yet dangerously positioned Weather Channel speaking of only weather and never climate, a cable network whose decision-makers deny the weight of climate science and offer programs on fireworks or life guards rather than programs on climate and weather (muddled within this is a program ironically entitled “When Weather Made History” that ignores weather’s current role in history as it relates to climate change) thus imploding the concept of trustworthy weather people, we are coming full circle (Higgs boson God particle aside, or perhaps front and center evidence) to Nature as Magic-driven by the inscrutable Spirit in whose control we step forward with a furtive but compulsive Leap of Faith. If politics and the power structure refute Science, just as the Church refuted Galileo and Copernicus before him, mankind is left with Magic and Faith (two signifiers which come from the same primitive desire for, oddly enough, Understanding). Drought, flood, black rain and water, fire, hail, disease, tornadoes, hurricanes, everything but the biblical downpour of frogs, are on the rise in the era of massive carbon footprints worldwide but with particularly large shoe sizes in the developed nations wherein are located the Institutions of Control. The oceans are rising with global temperature averages and the melting of polar ice caps. There is an argument that the shift in weight from ice to water redistributed causes new stressors on fault lines consequently potentially connecting even earthquake activity to climate change. Still, as Magic, climate is beyond our control. We can only grab an umbrella and scurry out into the storm.  However, the climate science denial campaign is a process within the political discourse that directly affects bio-politics. Civilization’s fractious progress, no longer even remotely seen as a progress toward a social utopia in any form but more and more as a chaotic impulse toward an End Game, marginalizes the natural referents human’s use in day to day living. Viral referents radiating in all directions miscode any coalescence of group or ensemble understanding to privilege value referents for the sake of Capital and near-term Profit. We see this with the flight fromFloridaof the major home-owners insurers under the blessing of the Republican state government in order to avoid the oncoming losses the science-driven evidence provides the insurance companies.  Allstate and State Farm  know the severity of hurricanes will grow, whether or not their frequency does, and so the profits from home insurance will dwindle.  To cut Losses and increase short-term Profits, they abandoned the state, leaving behind under-monetized small insurers and a state-backed emergency fund that lacks any credible funding. The science drove the decision to abandon the market, but the promotional money addressed the issue with denial and a movement toward Magic. As the tornado-torn heart of the country experiences increased losses from storms whose frequency and intensity have risen so much so that tornados no longer threaten only easy-to-insure farms like those of Dorothy Gale but the vastly more massive costs and losses incurred when twisters visit themselves regularly on major Mid-Western cities, the science of climate change will drive out the major insurers from tornado alley just as it led them out of the path of hurricanes in Florida. The big homeowners insurers won’t be inKansasanymore, at least not in any way the average man can afford. So the costs will be left to the states, like Florida, who either cannot fund, or as in the case of the Sunshine State have chosen not to fund, a viable insurance program for the masses who have become understandably bewildered by the return of Magic in lieu of Science brought upon them by the promotional simulacra of heavily-paid Madison Avenue manipulators.  Without funds and faced with inevitable disasters to the electorate (looming with the certainty of a mathematical equation, the equations by which profit-driven insurers make their decisions) the states will turn to the federal government for aid.  But Republican efforts to drain the funding of social safety nets for the general public will have left the federal government with no solutions.  No solutions but one: to turn to the private sector, that sector whose science drove the funding crisis and whose promotions imploded public understanding of trusted systems. And there, when the Capital market movers and shakers have final indisputable say (the term “disaster capitalism” comes to mind here), will lie short-term tax-payer funded profits. In the same way that misrepresentation of the efficacy of public schools has imploded public trust in an education system designed to help the masses gain knowledge and stability and turned momentum toward for-profit charter schooling which in its purest form will exclude public education access while profiting from taxes, the insurance companies are growing the rhizomes of discontinuity and doubt which will prevent any reasonable leadership from addressing the climate crisis before massive profits have been garnered and the system of trust in leaders as we know it erased.