“Racist, Socialist, Left and Right Wing, Conservative, Liberal, Patriot“: The semiotics of discourse micropolitics is fascinating. Labels whose genesis come from the complexity of a human brain with all its personalized experience cannot represent that person’s ideas accurately. How much more difficult that the complex idea compressed into a tag phrase be accurately unpacked through the mental filter of an equally uniquely experienced listener or reader? Still, the words are all we have and without them we are reduced to howl and growl.

So let us truly celebrate Obamney Care for what it represents: a concept formed within the individual state with the spearheads of Democrat Kennedy and Republican(?) Romney, enacted successfully on the state level, adopted and legislated on the national level as the mostly-Democratically-fueled Affordable Care Act, challenged by Republicans through due process, then pronounced by a bi-partisan group of Supreme Court judges to be constitutional and upheld on all except the state Medicaid requirement (maintaining the state right to choose). From state, to federal, to judicial to enactment. That is the way the process was meant to work under the signifier “Democracy.”

Thank you Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama for working together to create Obamney Care, a phrase whose deepest meanings and benefits will not be fully felt for years and will be tweaked by the legislative system for better or worse for decades to come.

T. S. Eliot wrote that “Between the conception and the creation falls the Shadow.” We have seen that shadow between idea and action pass into metaphor and at the same time remain as an eternal threat from the hollow men of congress to the working and suffering masses.