With only 2 candidates and only 2 parties, falling for the illusion of only 2 sides to issues is understandable. Romney the Capitalist and Obama the Socialist are convenient labels and for the GOP convenient extremes given Socialism‘s failed historical experiments and the contemporary respect for Capitalism. But extreme Socialism does not work because it provides no incentive for human desire an…d personal taste, and Obama does not represent this. He understands that desire for safety, education and wealth fuel our daily lives. But he also understands that those who have fallen under the crush of hard times need government help, a faith-based idea by the way as all major religions believe in doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, or as Christ says, What ye do to the least among us you do unto me. The GOP, and Romney as its figurehead, truly do not believe government has a role in social safety nets. They believe that is private sector work and individual choice to help. They believe that profit is the utmost goal of business, a goal which seeks to undercut wages and benefits while maximizing productivity and fear of unemployment. These, if there are to be only 2 choices, are the choices: Obama with Democratic support pushing for prosperity for all and a strong social safety net versus Romney and profits for those in position to reap, with private parties attending to the underserved and the middle class trending to poverty. There are those who will think this race is close because both sides have good ideas. World history is scarred with that kind of shallow insight.